Accessible Parking

Limited handicapped parking spaces are clearly marked and available throughout campus, both on street parking near campus buildings and in campus lots. Handicapped spaces are reserved for vehicles with appropriate state permit. Due to limited handicapped parking, a designated “drop-off” area for the Commencement Ceremony will be located on Campus Drive in front of Hoben Hall, accessible from 1135 Academy Street. Families may drop guests off here for barrier-free access to the Quadrangle then find parking elsewhere on campus.

Campus Parking Lots

For your convenience during Commencement Weekend, most of the faculty, staff, and student parking lots will be available for parking without a special permit. You are also invited to use street parking on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. Please follow the posted parking restrictions for street parking, which is controlled by the City of Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo College is not responsible for parking violations.

Vehicles must be parked within marked spaces of appropriate lots. There shall be no driving or parking on sidewalks or lawns, or next to a building entrance. The Kalamazoo College Campus Safety staff has the authority to ticket and tow vehicles that are in violation of College regulations.

Parking Map

map showing available parking lots for use on main campus during Commencement.
Main Campus Parking Map
Map showing parking area at 1600 West Michigan Ave
Parking at Athletic Complex off West Michigan Ave

Directions & Printable Map

For directions to campus parking lots, please reference the Available Campus Parking Lots. You can also download our printable commencement parking map.

Available Campus Parking Lots

The following campus parking lots are available for your use during Commencement Weekend. Please note that Academy Street is closed at the east end of campus near Stadium Drive and there is no parking in the Hicks Center Lot (letter I on the map) on Commencement Sunday!

  1. Admission Lot: Access from 116 Thompson St
  2. Upper Fine Arts Lot: Access from 139 Thompson Street
  3. Lower Fine Arts Lot: Access from 181 Acker Lane(a one-way, northbound street)
  4. Acker Lane Lot: Street parking along Acker Lane (a one-way, northbound street)
  5. Severn Lot: Access from 113 Acker Lane (a one-way, northbound street) or 123 Catherine Street
  6. Markin Racquet Center/Fitness and Wellness Center Lot: Access from 896 Academy Street
  7. Anderson Athletic Center Lot: Access from 954 Academy Street
  8. Facilities Management Lot: Access from 954 Academy Street or 1006 W. Lovell Street
  9. Hicks Center Lot: Access from Campus Drive at 1135 Academy Street or 1231 W. Lovell Street. There is no parking in the Hicks Center Lot on Sunday!
  10. Trowbridge Lot: Access from 1322 Academy Street
  11. Athletic Field Complex Lot: Access from 1600 West Michigan Avenue

Road/Walkway Closures

Academy Street is closed at the east end of campus near Stadium Drive.